Exhibitor Testimonials

Here's a taster of what our exhibitors have to say about the show in 2016. 

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RBTE is our most effective show in the UK… it constantly meets our expectations with new customers and also networking with our current customers; that’s just as important. This is a great show for us.

Annette Tarlton, Managing Director, Star Micronics

RBTE is a really exciting place to come meet and understand about the future solutions for retail. 

Jonathan Luker, Sales Manager, Toshiba

“It’s the primary retail event in the UK, it’s really important for us to be seen here. We wouldn’t be seen anyway where else other than here. We’ve seen a lot of new faces here which has been a primary reason we’ve come here. It is about driving new business in today but equally it’s entertaining our existing customers, letting them know we’re here and an opportunity to come and see the wider portfolio as well, and of course for us it’s always good to attract new people, that’s been hugely successful for us.”

Richard Willis, VP Solutions Management, Aptos

“It’s the place to be, we have no other choice, we have to be at RBTE. It’s important for us to meet first of all our customers but also our prospects and our partners. This is an ecosystem that we need to be in, in order to provide the right service to our customer. “RBTE is a great event for retailers. RBTE is the best place to be for a software vendor and RBTE is valuable for any retailer.”

Samir Belkhayat, Business Development Director, Cegid


“RBTE is Europe’s biggest retail expo but it’s more than that. It is the key note speakers, it’s everything that goes with it. So for us it’s engaging with real people in a real positive way, so for us it’s fantastic. It’s been a really really good show for us.”

Adam Wilson, Director, Intevi

“We found RBTE this year to be a fantastic place to engage with our customers, networking discussions and really bring people to see our product. It’s been a great show.” 

Heath Burne, Sales Division Manager, Synel Industries

“It is the first year we’ve exhibited at RBTE and we’ve found it a really good show. “We’ve found that there’s lots of hospitality and retail presence here. Spoken to lots of different people and all things retail; what’s coming forward, what’s happening in the sector so it’s a good event for us.” 

Alex Broxson, Head of Marketing, Retail Assist

“It is our first show and it’s been a great event, we were incredibly busy, loads of great prospects, lots of existing customers coming to see us, really impressed!” 

Adrian Thompson, CEO, ImageHolders

“RBTE is the most important exhibition for the UK market in terms of retail and it attracts all of the large retailers and indeed all of the major players in terms of the manufacturers and resellers within the industry. Everybody is here, our customers and partners are all here so it is absolutely essential for important brands in retail technology to be here! It remains dynamic and remains relevant in an ever changing market place.” 

Ian Dewar, CEO/Managing Director, Ergonomic Solutions

We can see results that we have had as a direct result of this event, so we have had closed business on the back of the several years that we've exhibited here.  We're talking top quality brands, global brands, and very, very well-known high street names.  It's a good size at the moment. It's not too big, not too small.

Georgia Leybourne, International Marketing Director, Manhattan Associates

I think there's been so much traction with speaking to customers and partners and getting involved. There's always a great buzz at RBTE. We've been here the past few years and we're wanting to do this more and more.  There's such a good feel to the place.  It's been absolutely fantastic.  We've seen people from Tesco, M&S, Zara and Spa.

Spencer Tailford, Marketing Manager, Touch Technologies

It's been fantastic. We've experienced the numbers to our stand have far exceeded our expectations. We're meeting with lots and lots of different people that we already work with and lots and lots of potential new customers.  We've had KFC for retail and Shell for petrol forecourts

Simon Cook, Account Manager, ForPOS Ltd

It always generates revenue after this. Always. It's just the point. We always come away with great leads and that's why we continually attend.

Steve Howells, Director of Retail, Tyco

We've been coming to the event for at least the last three years.   It's a great opportunity for us to meet both customers and partners.  We've seen M&S, JD Sports, Monsoon, etc., and a whole load of partners as well. So it's been really good.

Mike Doyle, Regional Director UK & Ireland, Datalogic

It's been a great day. The response we've had from retailers to our stand has been fantastic. I also ran an iVend retail boot camp today and we've had a fantastic response from retailers who came along to the boot camp.

Tim Barton, Director of Product Marketing, iVend Retail

A different sort of audience to what I expected with a lot more people on the business side as opposed to just from the IT side, so a nice mix. A lot of the shows we go to, we have lots of IT people. RBTE gives us a real different conversation, so really enjoyed the conversations. 

Rupal Karia, Managing Director, Fujitsu

I think our investment this year has meant that we're going to get some great return from the actual event going into the rest of this year calendar.  We've probably had in the region of about 50 conversations just alone yesterday.

Tony Bryant, Strategic Business Development Director, K3 Retail

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