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Fortnum Close
Kitts Green
West Midlands
B33 0LG
Tel. 0121 608 7226



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The enclosure specialists… Renowned for protecting outdoor digital signage and industrial computer equipment worth more than £5 billion, worldwide. Our reliable, state of the art environmental enclosures can be found in no fewer than 54 countries. With a range of versatile solutions to suit any industry sector, our enclosures represent excellent value and deliver a significant ROI. Check out our distinct digital signage range, great for retail use.

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The 46” Indoor Retail Totem

The floor standing Armagard Indoor Retail Totem offers a versatile solution for point-of-sale advertising areas, with interchangeable branded display boards, alongside your choice of video content....

The 42” Outdoor Monolith Totem – Fully Glazed

The 42” Armagard Fully Glazed Outdoor Monolith Totem is a professional looking totem design, ideal for personalised company branding. Available as an enclosure or a ‘complete solution’, you can en...

The 49” PDS Outdoor LCD Enclosure

A protective outdoor enclosure sealed to IP56 and durable against the effects of heavy rain, dust, extreme temperatures, high impact forces, and electrical surges. LCD enclosures are available in s...

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Digital Signage/Touchscreens | Kiosks

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Apr 18, 2017

Armagard to Show New Look 42” Storefront Digital Signage Totem

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Looking for a way to increase footfall and boost sales at your retail outlet? Armagard’s new look, 42” High-Bright Digital Signage Totem is the perfect entry point solution for maximising the advertising potential of your storefront.

First impressions count and Armagard’s High-Bright, 42” Storefront Digital Signage system enables you to create stunning HD advertising campaigns that are vibrant, vivid, eye-catching and sure to stop shoppers in their tracks, engaging with them in an interactive way and delivering a fresh, unique shopping experience.

Improve your customer engagement strategy
As a retailer, you’re always looking for ways to grab the attention of existing and potential customers for the purpose of making them loyal and regular buyers. With 40% of digital signage being put to use by the retail industry, it’s one of the leading ways to communicate with your customers while they’re on the go.

The benefit of Armagard’s High-Bright Storefront Digital Signage system is that it’s a great way to broaden your customer engagement strategy. It can be used to create an omnichannel solution that connects the online, mobile and in-store experience to further drive sales and boost revenues.

Perfect inside and out

The solution is 100% versatile, perfect for positioning outdoors at your store’s entrance or indoors as the centrepiece of your shop window.

Available as a complete solution, the system includes an outdoor ready, high-quality protective enclosure that’s manufactured in Britain. It has several new design features - including the addition of ‘edge to edge’ glass, a design modification that improves the overall aesthetics of the unit.

A high-bright screen, a networked media player and Armagard’s innovative standard controller board, which automatically manages the on-off commands for enclosure features such as air curtains, fans, heaters and power outlets, keeping screens at an optimum temperature and preventing ‘blackouts’, are also included.

As an all-inclusive unit, the system saves you money and time as it eliminates the need to source AV hardware separately. Practically, the solution is much more flexible than other alternatives on the market, enabling you to upgrade to the latest screens and media players ad hoc.

To find out more about capturing customer attention using Armagard’s, new look 42” Storefront Digital Signage Totem, talk to our team… You will find us at stand B50.

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