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Esprit Digital
Unit 17/18 Gunnels Wood Park
Gunnels Wood Road
Tel. 0208 731 3121



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Esprit Digital creates unique, affordable, ultra-reliable digital screen solutions for any application.

The company has designed, manufactured and installed many of the world’s most iconic largescale digital media networks for clients like:

 London Underground
 Westfield Shopping Centers
 JCDecaux
 Heathrow Airport
 Virgin
 BP

In the process we have built a reputation for product expertise, risk reduction, global reach and delivery on time, within budget.

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Double Sided 70" Totem

sprit built totally bespoke double sided 70” LCD Pods (MUPI’s) which utilise the NEC P703 700Nit display. These highly stylised, iconic structures incorporate our latest Cortex thermal and remote m...

Product Categories:

AV Integrator | Digital Menu Boards | Eye Trackers | Kiosks | LED Signage | Maintenance | Media Players | Networks and connectivity | Proximity Sensors | Screen Manufacturer | Solutions Provider | Stock Content Provider | Video Walls | Wayfinding Solutions


Esprit Digital March 2017 Product Presentation
Press Releases:

Apr 5, 2017

Mall of Qatar - Press Release

View the whole press release

Name of Project* Mall of Qatar Digital Advertising Deployment
Date project delivered (1/2/16 - 1/5/17)* 12/09/2016 – 18/10/2017
Brief Explanation of Product/ Project (100-150 words)* Esprit Digital were selected to provide a full digital solution to Elan Media in the Mall of Qatar.
We designed, built and installed the following iterations:

• 36off Indoor Bespoke Double Sided 70” Advertising Pods
• 24off 3 x 3 55” Video Walls – 216 Displays
• 16off 7m W x 1.25m H – Indoor 4mm Pitch LED
• 2off 12m W x 6m H – Indoor 4mm Pitch LED
• 2off 4m W x 3m H – Indoor 4mm Pitch LED
• 2off 7.5m H x 5m W – Outdoor 20mm Pitch LED
• 14off 48-sheet Flex Face Lightboxes
Tell us why it should win an Award (100 - 150 words)* This is the first time the ME region has seen this quantity and quality of large-format digital displays installed within a single shopping mall. Each iteration was designed to complement the overall look and feel of the centre, as well as to communicate the status of both the media company and the infrastructure owner to high end consumers. As an advertising network in a mall it is second-to-none anywhere in the world and has already proven a commercial success with brands from all market sectors. As standalone pieces of digital furniture deployed throughout a billion-dollar retail environment, they have been universally accepted and are currently being rolled out to other sites across the Middle East.

Evidence of technological innovation (500 words)* Part of the installation was 2off 7.5m High x 5m Wide LED displays for the walls adjacent to the main entrance - these operate within an ambient outside temperature which can often reach 50°C+. To keep the refrigeration costs down, our engineers decided to utilise the air-conditioning of the mall itself to maintain the temperature range within our enclosures to ensure a 10-year lifespan for our product. We have also built 36 totally bespoke double sided 70” LCD Pods (MUPI’s). These highly stylised, iconic structures incorporate our latest Cortex thermal and remote management technology, which means maintenance visits are extremely rare if ever – almost any issue can be resolved from our Network Operating Centres around the world. Other features of this remarkable unit include LED sidestrips that change colour with content, full audience measurement, iBeacons and ClearSpace™ Esprit Digital’s proprietary sensor system which warns management of obstructions to the screens.

Commercial success (500 words)* Since the network went live, every 10-second advertising slot within each minute has been sold - this has been to a mixture of major brands like Vodafone and Qatar Development Bank and local partners.

The client brief for this project was simple: create the biggest and best digital shopper environment in the Middle East. To date only a few airports in the region have embraced digital screen technology as a perfect medium to enhance their customer’s journeys and malls have almost exclusively stayed with traditional paper advertising systems. This will all change now as the Mall of Qatar has significantly raised the bar and demonstrated to undeniable effect how a well-thought out, well-planned, beautifully designed digital hardware installation can be a key differentiator in a competitive sector like shopping centres. From the moment you pull up to the front door, you are greeted by two 37.5sqm LEDs and you have begun your digital experience. The ‘Wow factor’ has been created by the 2 giant 72sqm high resolution LEDs on the main walkway and the 24 portrait 9x55” LCD videowalls embedded in the columns around the food court. These are complemented perfectly by 36 state-of-the-art, freestanding, double-sided 70” LCD pods and 16 Linkbridge LED Banners that have been seamlessly integrated into the bulkheads above every walkway.

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