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K2 XL Cash Desk

A Screen to communicate what's behind any activity. A 43" monitor combined with the self service payment technology, to provide an innovative solution that anticipates a new way to choose and buy g...
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The KDC270 enables diverse mobile Auto-Identification applications for collecting and storing barcode data. A built-in display and keypad eliminate blind erroneous data collection and enable int...
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KDC470 Barcode SmartSled

The KDC470 enables diverse mobile Auto-Identification applications to collect data via barcode, RFID, finger prints, OCR, and payment applications via USB/Serial and bluetooth connections to variou...
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Named after the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who discovered the Supernova, Johannes Kepler, this luminaire is reminiscent of black holes and portals from science-fiction. COHDA ...
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Operating frequency 433 MHz to Base Station DECT transmission power 250 mW EMEA, Asia 125 mW North America Range 100m Max quantity on system 256 Power requirements 2 x AA cel...
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Kipling Stores

ARNO won the European and Americas contract as part of a competitive tender. The requirements for this project included incorporating over 200 individual items in the furniture range - all warehou...
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Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout makes it easy to buy, customers only have to enter minimal information. With our pay after delivery, your eligible customers, then confirm their purchase and choose how they want to...
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K-One Kiosk

Consumers have a desire for easier, more intuitive access during their in-store experiences. “Today, 56 percent of consumers feel that technology makes their shopping experience better. With 90 per...
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