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XC-compact range Xperience controller

The nexmosphere compact range is the most effective tool for bringing experience into your retail environment. Its small formfactor and smart design make it an ideal and cost-efficient controller t...
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X-Dot Color LED light

The X-Dot Color is the ideal element to give visual guidance on display. Preselect a color with the nexmosphere Xperience controller matching exactly your presentations color scheme. From smooth gl...
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X-Dot X Pickup sensor

The X-Dot X is a pick-up detector and can be used as active security device as well. When a product is lifted the X-Dot X registers the movement and can trigger any event on the connected Xperience...
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XL626 rugged laser handheld barcode scanner

A barcode scanner is an essential tool for any business, providing a cost effective way of scanning items for retail and inventory purposes. The XL-626 barcode scanner is durable and robust for dai...
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XM- modular range Xperience controller

The nexmosphere modular range is the most versatile tool for bringing shopper experience into your retail environment. Its scalable form factor, functionality and smart design make it an ideal cont...
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XR-Range wireless Pickup detection

The nexmosphere XR-Range offers a range of wireless pick-up solutions. Although RFID technology is not new, the way the XR-Range offers ease of use in the shopper experience is a true innovation. U...
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