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Visitor Testimonials

I think it’s fascinating the people that you can meet here. Retail Design Expo has a really interesting mix of people; VM specialists, architects, people that understand about new and emergent technologies, so there’s a very creative vibe here. I think there’s a lot of retail shows that are quite niche and quite specialised. Here, there are people that are equally expert; it’s just that there’s a lot more of them from different disciplines and they’re starting to really sort of merge. They’re starting to really integrate really well. So, for me, I feel like there’s a really good cross-section of people and thinkers and things to look at this show. 

Katie Baron, Head of Retail, Innovation and Insights at Stylus

I came to learn, learn and learn a bit more. I think the thing I most loved about this place is the breadth of solutions. There’s widgets, there’s gadgets, there’s things. But, more importantly, there’s ideas, there’s thinking, there’s nice, intuitive thought pieces. I’m really genuinely surprised by the size of the show – around twice the size of last year.

Guy Smith, Head of Design, Arcadia

It’s great to get a range of new technology which is the market meets like minor brands, speak to potential customers, and look at adopting some more technology or design aspects in our stores moving forward. In terms of a retailer coming here, it’s got everything in one place.

Andrew Manteit, MD & Co-founder, Active in Style

I came to look for retail POS. We only launched the business in November last year and we’re investing quite heavily in in-store point-of-sale displays, merchandising tools, all that kind of thing. There’s some really nice stuff to look at, which obviously when you’re looking for merchandising it’s really important. There seems to be a nice vibe, some nice people.

John Kelly, Marketing Director, Magformers

It’s an opportunity to meet up with old colleagues, to do a bit of networking and see what’s about really on things we can improve in the store. There are some new initiatives and new designs here – that’s good to see.

Paul Cottgrove, Store Development Manager, Carpetright

Obviously the speakers are a key reason for coming; and to see some of the new innovative stuff coming up, and engage with some of the networking with some people that I may have not seen in some time. I really enjoy it. I think it’s a good opportunity to see what’s out there, to see what’s coming up, to see what other things are going on in the industry and I think it’s a great place to see people that maybe you’ve not seen for some time, whether it’s agencies or brands or current Tesco employees.

James Swain, Lead Shopper Marketing Manager, Tesco PLC

It’s been a really great show and I love the way the show’s developed from last year as well, so it’s, yes, cracking. I just like the atmosphere of the place and just the feeling that everybody’s in this ever-changing retail world and they’ve all got parts to play within it. And it’s just great to connect with people as well and just talk about that and the challenges you’re facing, the challenges they’re facing and ways you get through it, so it’s been great.

Alan Taylor, Head of Retail Design, B&Q

I’ve come to have a look and see what’s innovative, what’s new, maybe different suppliers I haven’t thought of in the past, and new ideas for innovating in-store. Retail Design Expo gives you a good opportunity to talk to people in retail display as well as technology, and getting some specialists in the same room at the same time, which is always difficult to do.

Nick Widdowson, Merchandising & Creative Controller, Unilever

It’s nice to be able to get everybody in one place really and sort of get inspiration on a number of levels. Apart from seeing people that we already know, bumping into various people from the past, I think it’s about finding new suppliers and innovation so we can make sure we’re at the front of everything.

Abi Willstead, Frames Portfolio & Merchandising Manager, Specsavers

As an airport operator, we work really closely with a large number of different retail partners, but actually this is a great opportunity to just come and look from a broader industry perspective about what’s going on and hopefully to give us some new ideas that we can then work and challenge our existing business partners to challenge our collective thinking and move our proposition at the airport on.

Chris Annetts, Director of Commercial Passenger Services, Heathrow

I think it’s great to hear what the other guys have got to say as well and it focuses my mind on some of the key issues and some of the key questions that are going on. It’s great from a networking perspective. It’s a great place to see a lot of people in one place and a lot of different ideas and a good chance to network with colleagues who do a similar job to me in different companies and in different retailers, different suppliers.

Ali Waite, Merchandising Controller, PepsiCo

You get to see new innovation within the retail industry, new designs, and you can actually see what the competition is doing, while meeting up with potential clients or potential producers and manufacturers. The three key reasons for coming to Retail Design Expo are to meet with the existing suppliers and see what they’ve got to offer. We’re also looking for new suppliers in terms of particular new design inspirations, and then also looking for different materials and finishes that maybe we haven’t thought about as a retailer.

Lawrence, Concept Designer, Tommy Hilfiger

We’ve certainly seen some new products and things and we’ve certainly got a lot of contacts from the, over the last two days.

Andrew Price, Head of Retail Equipment, Mothercare

The main one for my visit it just to see new things. So within development we just want to try new things, new fixtures, new fittings, all the things that will get the customer into the store.

Joy Holmes, Development Merchandising Manager, Boots UK

I want to get some inspiration for new product launches and highlighting them in-store.

Melanie Lidiard-Phillips, Head of Product, Specsavers

I came to learn new technologies, learn new brands and have fun. I’ve met some people in the retail industry which are doing amazing things. Their stands are amazing. They’ve created really innovative stuff. Every time I turn a corner, I find something really interesting so that’s good. I like getting buzz.

Maria Gawfre, Interior Designer, Molton Brown

It’s interesting to see how much of a buzz there is around the place.

Steven Round, CEO, Robert Dyas

What do I think of the retail design expo as a whole? I think it’s fantastic. It’s great that everything’s all under one roof and that you can have a one-stop-shop, and come and see all the different companies that are here and listen to the talks and get involved for the day, if you want to.

Phil Whittle, Head of store Operations, Schuh Ltd

I think the atmosphere is amazing. It’s not too pushy. There’s a lot of fantastically beautiful and vibrant stands; a lot of effort has clearly been put into it. I think the attendance is clearly very strong. So, yes, really good.

Guy Cheston, Media Sales Director, Harrods

I think the good thing about being here is that you have a sample of all the kind of systems that we use in the retail. I’m a retailer by heart, so for me it’s important that we also understand that it doesn’t have to be only technic, nerdy. You cannot be too nerdy. You need to actually be in a place where we can get inspired by all the kind of different ways that we see retail business, and I think actually this exhibition does that. I come over here to England from Denmark and I actually think I get some new inspiration that I couldn’t get in Denmark.

Thomas Rasmussen, COO, Intersport

For me it’s always kind of really exciting to see the new technologies and then the ways that people are applying that, and then as you look at the design area as well the kind of future facing opportunities we’ve got of transforming the retail experience. The best discussion I think has been one around the customer, you know, the real person that goes shopping. I think we have a tendency to think about technology. We have a tendency to look at all the design work and get really excited about it, but kind of forget it’s a real person that’s going to shop in this environment.

Simon Hathaway, President & Global Chief Retail Officer, Cheil

Exhibitor Testimonials

So far we’ve been really impressed with the footfall, the attendance, the engagement we’ve had from a number of brand owners in the market space. The great thing about this show is that we’re meeting so many of what we call the right people.  We’re definitely going to be coming back next year.  We’ve definitely seen a real interest in the concept in linking the two shows together here has really worked from our perspective. We exhibited at ISE recently, that’s a very large show but from a UK perspective this looks like it’s an equal.

Dave Williams, 3M, Business Manager, Electronic Division UK & Ireland

It’s been good.  We’ve met some good people. There’s a lot of interest in what we’re doing so from that side of things it has been successful.  We have seen all types, from visual merchandising managers to marketing managers to shop fitters so a real range from integrators to actual brand direct people.  It’s a good platform for what we’re looking to do, there’s been some good meeting’s set up.  I think it’s very good for having everything under one roof it just allows brands and design, visual merchandising people to see the complete range from EPOS to shop fitting to technology or creative studios like our own.

James Murray, Projection Artworks, Business Director

The objectives so far has been really well met. We found that the people who are coming past were exactly the right sort of people we were aiming for. We have taken enquiries from all types from visual merchandising managers to marketing managers to shop fitters, so a real range from integrators to actual brand direct people.  We’ve seen a lot of decision makers, some key people within the IT who’ve really understood our product and the benefit of that means that the 10-15 minutes that we can get a chance to spend with them are really well spent. The people we’ve met have been a combination of trade which is good for us because we can get the product out there through distributers but also some fantastic end users.  We probably view this as the key show for us each year.  We had no time until literally 5 O’clock when the buzzer went so it’s been really good for such a big show to still get the quality of footfall that we’ve had.

Andrew Foster, Video Poster Ltd, Commercial Director

It’s been phenomenal. This show has grown massively from last year so it wasn’t what I expected and it’s superb. So we already have some fantastic leads. We’ve met some real big brands who are really really keen on what we do.  Our objectives have been met already.  We’ve met brand ambassadors, we’ve met the people who hold the purse strings. Meetings have already been set up and we’re on to the next stage with them already. Last night I was busy sending emails to these people with pricing and the like.  I’m just so pleased that we actually took the plunge, did the expense, made the stand and arrived, so yeah excellent.

Steven Walsh, Skratch, Company Director

It’s been an excellent forum, absolutely fantastic. Yesterday was our first day at the show, and we had an absolutely massive, massive response. And we’ve got some figures actually from our facial recognition system and we’ve got reports on how many people actually entered the stand, their dwell time on the stand and we had a look at them last night and the results have been absolutely fantastic!  We were surprised how good they were yesterday. Really really good set of people. We had people from Coca-Cola, Shell, BP, Marks & Spencer and KFC.  If you’re targeting retail this is the place to be.

Paul Chiderhouse, Pioneer Group Managing Director

We would like to thank the Retail Digital Signage Expo for providing us such an excellent chance and place to present our innovation to the market for the first time. It is a professional Expo for us to meet the people in the industry, understand the market and collect useful market information. As the digital signage is a brand new industry with great potentials, this professional expo helps us a lot to get the right market understanding to decide our development strategy. We would like to thank the Expo’s organizer as well. Thank the team of Legend Exhibitions for their professional and efficient assistance and advice. They are really super!

Qing He, Managing Director, Innonet Company Limited

Quality of visitors is good, we’ve met a lot of trade customers, also end user customers as well. Some big retailers, which is what we’re here for essentially and at the right kind of level, decision makers. Yeah there’s been a lot of Head of Digital, for major retailers here, a lot of people who are into the media for some of the large high street chains. People who really get involved in making those decisions and creating a brand awareness on the high street, which is what our products do so.  Definitely the right format for us, it gives us exposure to people we wouldn’t be able to see generally. So they’re here in one place and we can meet a lot of people at one time. We’ve been really surprised at how good the level has been of visitors and I think we’ll get some good business from it.

Gavin Croxford, Dynascan Display, UK Business Development

I’ve spoken to Telefonica, O2, McDonalds, Cineworld.

Peter Livesey, Esprit Digital, Managing Director

I think the audience here is generally a very high standard. Not seen that many students around which is a good sign. It generally seems to be people who are employed in the industry and are actively looking for solutions, or ideas.

Nick Smith, Pixel Inspiration, Technical Director

Oh we’ve had many brand owners from lots of different vertical markets. We’ve had a visitors from BP, we’ve had Lloyds Bank and retail stores,.  I think they’ve definitely been the right demographic. We’re talking to digital innovators in those organisations, people in IT, conceptual store developers. I think that the quality of the people we’ve been getting past the show has been excellent and the footfall has been very consistent. Certainly, we’re on the second day now, and I’ve not seen a drop off in the attendance numbers. It looks like it’s a real success for us.

Dave Williams, 3M, Business Manager, Electronic Division UK & Ireland

As a new element of the retail show at Olympia, the cost and time invested into exhibiting at RDSE was a calculated risk, but we are confident it’s a risk that has already paid off. Comments from visitors to the stand have really enforced how integral digital signage has become to this market and it is abundantly clear that this aspect of the show has been well received, giving B-Tech a great opportunity to demonstrate our strengths in this field.

Matt Nixon, Area Sales Manager for B-Tech International Ltd

Just a brief note to congratulate you on this year’s event. We were a last minute addition to the show, but the speed of response, clarity of communications and the support offered was impressive and very much appreciated.
Although we booked late and were one of the smallest stands at the event, we were given an equal opportunity to maximise the show, with a great position with lost of passing traffic, which resulted in several hundred customer interactions over the 2 days, and some 70 leads to follow up ranging high end retail stores to international marketing and technology providers.

Jim Martin, Managing Director, HyperSound

We got involved with RDSE show pretty late on due to other commitment but were totally blown away with the response we got from the show. With any new show you aren’t sure on the outcome so we focussed on brand building but we have seen a great return from business leads , channel opportunities and direct sales’. ‘Footfall for the show was excellent with a constant cycle of guests over the two days from the onset, with the calibre of attendees being senior decisions makers. This is a great show that is perfectly complimented by the RDE and RBTE shows.

Oli Biddles, Marketing Manager, Acquire Digital

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