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What our visitors said about RBTE 2016

Here’s just a small taster of what our visitors say about RBTE. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about next year's show.

RBTE is a great event.  It's good to come and see what new technologies are appearing on the market and what vendors can do for us, as a retailer. 

It’s really good to see what new innovations are out there.

Richard Surmon, Business Systems Controller, Reiss

I was amazed to see the extent of the suppliers that you've got here, and the offerings they do.  It's fantastic, actually.

Steve Johnson, Head of Central Operations, Carpetright

I’ve been struck by two things.  One of them is by the breadth of different solutions that are on the floor.  And also, just the buzz and the excitement of it.  There are a lot of people here, they're all looking for ways to enhance, change, grow, develop their propositions.  And there's a lot of activity that, I'm sure, in a few years' time, maybe shorter than that, we'll see in stores, as well.

I think a lot of us spend maybe too much of our time, looking inside of our business on things that are urgent and important.  And sometimes, it's important to step away from it, and just look at what's new and what's innovative outside, that we might not be aware of, and that we might not be using that might be good for us, and good for our clients.  So an event, like this, usually, is a great eye opener, and gives a lot of ideas and inspirations of things that we could use and develop.  The advantage of events, like this, is it's a hotbed of innovation, and innovation breeds success and superior shareholder's returns.

David Roth, CEO, The Store WPP

I'm completely shocked at the scale of the exhibition and the number of different and diverse service providers who are exhibiting here.  And also the volume of people.  I think it's 16,000 people that are here, so it's clearly something that's attracting a lot of interest, and I can understand why.

There's so much happening in this space, you're bound to pick something up that's new and different.

There's a whole team of people from our IT team that are here, again, to look at ideas, and learn from other businesses and other providers.

David Wilde, Chief Executive, Domino’s Pizza Group 

It just seems great.  There's a huge number of people here.  Lots of stands.  Interesting speaker debates.  It looks good.

RBTE is very valuable.  I think it's the lead expo of it's type in the country, and we get a lot of our customers here, and we meet new customers.  It's a great opportunity to bring people together. Yes, we like it.

Tim Mason, Chairman, Eagle Eye Solutions

I think what's really exciting, from my perspective, and the reason I love retail, is because it shows the constant innovation that's going on within retail to try to differentiate oneself from one's competition.  So I think RBTE looks fantastic.

There’s a huge amount of new ideas, new innovations, here, particularly around the technology associated with retail.  The challenge is always trying to work out which is the right one for you, but there are, certainly, two or three very interesting ideas that we're going to be taking back, and having a look at, that will, hopefully, we'll be able to provide for our customers in the not to distant future.

It's extremely valuable.  The retail is an incredible competitive industry, and competitive market that we operate in, and you've always got to try to keep one step ahead of the competition.  And it's a great way of seeing what the competition are likely to be doing in the future, and to understand more about what they're already doing.

Oliver Meakin, CEO, Maplin Electronics

RBTE has got to be up there now, because of some of the suppliers you'll get here, you won't see anywhere else.  And that's a big benefit, and it means I'll definitely be coming back this time next year.

Jon Shaw, Head of UK Retail, Vodafone UK

It's a really great event, very engaging, there are some really interesting stands.  There's just so much to get through in one day.

I've learnt a few things.  I've learnt a lot about the new technologies that are out there.

It’s great to see what's on offer in the market at the moment, from a retail technology perspective, and to see what great insights I can bring back to the business.

Jamie Peach, Head of SEO, House of Fraser

I was speaking at RBTE today on a very well attended event, actually.  In fact, the whole expo is incredibly busy.  It really seems to be growing in popularity each year.

Andrew Livingston, CEO, Screwfix

I think it's great.  The RBT exhibition is very, very stimulating.  It's the latest ideas in tech meets shopping, meets retail, meets brands.  You know, what's not to be excited about?

RBTE is very valuable to us, because we need to stay abreast of the latest break in technologies, so we can stitch them into the Hotel Chocolat model, and offer the best experience to our customers.

Angus Thirwell, CEO, Hotel Chocolat

It's massive, so the amount of exhibitors here, just grows year on year.  It provides a useful insight into everything that's going on in the market.

For me, personally, RBTE is really valuable.  One, it gives me an insight into what my competitors are doing, and not just competitors, my partners are doing, and you know, how best to promote it, so when talking to clients, we can understand their needs a lot more.

Hamal Catharney, Account Developmnt Manager, Barclaycard

It's been really good.  I've been to Euroshop before, and it's very comparable, in terms of what's on offer, and what's there for us to see.  So it's always great to see, sort of, innovative things, as well as some of the classic things that you, kind of, always see in trade magazines, but once you get there, onto a stand, you see the tactile solutions.  

It's always good to  pick things up, and actually, investigate them a little bit closer, rather than just relying on what somebody else has told you about anything.  

Ben Belkacem, POS Design Manager, The Co-operative Food

I was impressed with just how many people are here.  It’s very busy and a really, really exciting environment to be in with  lots of great opportunities to network with other people.  And to see so many suppliers in one session is great for people, like me, who can come in, and in one day, really, kind of, blitz it all.  It's quite time efficient for us, as well, so that's great.

I've seen some great products and solutions that I'll take away, and work out whether we can work those things into our business.  And just meeting people, and talking to people in our industry, and our peers, is always beneficial.

I've seen some great stuff relating to identifying visual recognition.  I was really impressed with that.

Richard Voyce, Head of Ecommerce, Dreams

Technology's moving on all the time, and this is a great opportunity for us to come in and see what some of the latest offerings are, and how things are moving. 

We've seen some great cash solutions today, and I’ve spent time with the RFID vendors, seeing what they've been working on, and how things have changed within the last few months.

RBTE is the  one stop shop in the UK where you can go along and find out what everybody is working on, and what your options are.  You know, where retailers have opportunities or challenges, and technology is part of the solution, I can't think of anywhere better to go in this country than this event.

Richard Jenkins, Head of RFID strategic Development, Marks and Spencer

The great thing is it's all under one roof, and also, the ability to look beyond what you have at the minute with some of the innovative stuff that's going on here, is amazing.

What I've learnt at RBTE is there’s so much potential change out there in the industry.  And actually, for retailers, for brands, it's about choosing the right solution, but also, making it easy.  And there's solutions out there that just make things so easy, which I'm super excited about.

RBTE’s really, really valuable for us, you know, as a global brand that's based in the UK.  We spend a lot of our time focusing on consumer experience.  What this gives us is the value of really seeing what's out there, and taking a little bit time away from the business, to really look at how we can drive the business forward through some of this retail technology.

James Wintle, Global Director of Digital & Technology, All Saints

Visiting RBTE provided us with several very interesting alternatives for the future regarding our lottery ticket sales in retail environments. Even though lottery operators might not have been among the target visitor groups for the RBTE in the past, many of the technology offerings at the expo are directly applicable to lottery retail as well.

Raoul Jarvis, IT Director, Eesti Loto

RBTE as one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, offers great opportunity to catch up on all the innovation that is constantly happening in the retail business. Coming to the event, we had a pretty clear idea of what we were looking for in a solution, but ended up coming back with an even better and more innovative approach to our business issue from different vendors. We also saw a lot of interesting ideas in areas we had not thought of previously, but should definitely look into, to stay ahead of our competition. Great event.

Oliver Rist, Development Manager, Co-op Estonia

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